Price: £9.95

Drinkwell water fountains as with most water fountains need regular maintenance to keep them clean and working.

 It is recommended that the housing for the pet fountains and the motor that runs
it are dismantled and cleaned thoroughly with soapy water every 2-weeks.
The company who make Drinkwell, in the US, have put together a Drinkwell
Cleaning Kit to help keep the fountains running well beyond the products 1-year
warrantee period!

Drinkwell Pet Fountains come with an Operating Instruction booklet that explains
how regular maintenance ensures proper function and prolonged life. The Drinkwell
Cleaning Kit is a branded pack of 3 different sized brushes designed specifically
for the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. The kit contains a large Housing Brush, medium
Intake Brush and a small Motor Brush. Each brush is for a specific function.

Full instructions for using the brushes are included in the kit with helpful diagrams.

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